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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Site ImageWe provide our customers with the right resource for cloud computing and data migration. We achieve this by following a systematic approach:

  • Identify
    We identify and effectively express your goals for moving to the cloud and potential barriers that may stand in your way.

  • Cost Barriers
    We use a scientific cost analysis to determine the most efficient way to host your system, thereby reducing cost for you while providing you with effective services.

  • Availability and Performance
    We provide you with all required support and maintenance you need by analyzing your internet bandwidth for the cloud, your application servers, your uptime requirements, and the ability to scale.

  • Standards and Regulations
    We make sure you have the right procedures and organizational policies such as staff permissions and individual access rights in place to meet all required standards.

  • Data Security and Protection
    We assist you in developing backups and disaster recovery plan for your data.